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Hiya Chris:

My question is related to the MultiEQ & ref.level.offset setting on my denon receiver.

Can you define some examples of WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE? I listen to only to 96/24 SACD and DVDA discs as well as DTSHDMA albums. Should I set MultEq to FLAT and REF.OFFSET to 5dB even though the music isn't classical? Is this the right setting for any 'hi-res' media? My Denon let's me see the AUDIO INPUT SIGNAL. Can I use the quality of the signal (ie FS-48kHz, 96kHz) as a measure of 'wide dynamic range'?

As important, I'm doing alot of sim-racing in a Formula One car, the game gives me 7.1 channels. Just as beautiful as a symphony, the formula one engine you know! I've been setting Multieq and ref.levels like the CLASSICAL setting. What would you do? I trust the Audyssey technology but should I switch off MultiEQ, listen via PURE AUDIO in the case of the game since there is no reference level standard as you mentioned.

One-word answers will only encourage me to ask more questions to qualify and all I'm really looking for is your opinion. Hang up your lab coat for a minute and throw me a bone here would ya.

Signed, Confused(wayne)

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Wayne,

    SInce the music industry doesn't conform to any mixing standards, some experimentation is required. Wide dynamic range content is anything that has very soft and very loud passages.  Classical music falls in this category, but rock/pop does not--especially recent recordings that massively compress the dynamic range to make everything sound loud.

    Games are in the same category. Nobody knows what mixing levels they used as there are no standards like there are in the film industry.

    The sampling rate and bit depth of the content is not relevant to this discussion.  

    But all of the above only applies to Dynamic EQ.  MultEQ should always be on as it has nothing to do with level. It corrects the acoustics of the speakers in your room. Dynamic EQ starts to kick in as you turn the volume down so that it restores the high and low frequency balance that are changed because of human hearing.

    My recommendation would be to try Dynamic EQ at 10 dB reference level offset and set MultEQ to Flat for Music and Audyssey Reference for Games.

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    Wayne Niamat

    Thanks Chris. Everything sounds great on these settings.


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