audyssey measuring without subs



I don,t like the audyssey subs processing in my room. I prefer equalize by myself than audyssey subs.

But I want the other functions in audyssey, eq the five channels, diynamic volumen...etc.


there is any way for keep the audyssey measures without subs treatment, and  get the subs directly without audyssey treatment.


I'm thinking, to run audyssey with the subs disconnect. And then, after the meassure, configure the options for 2 subs.



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    Audyssey Labs


    There is no way to use Audyssey only for the speaker channels.  If you run it without the subs and it doesn't detect any subs then you will not be able to add them later.  If you do, the Audyssey calibration is erased.

    What is it that you don't like about the sub processing? 

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    In my room, there is a big stand wave (waterfall attach "water ori.jpg"). Is very difficult and square room.

    I solve with parametric eq (behringer fbq2496) (look attach "aud y peq,jpg"). Almost perfect.


    But, when i run audyssey after this eq, appears again the stand wave. I think audyssey applies more filters and changes phases, making worst result.

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    Audyssey Labs

    I'm sorry, but this data is rather meaningless.  Taking measurements in one spot and making judgements about modal ringing behavior is not technically correct.  If you can take multiple measurements in the same location as the Audyssey mic was placed and then do an RMS average then you will have a better idea of what is really going on.

    Audyssey uses FIR filters (time and frequency) while PEQ is only frequency and has no effect on time/phase.

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