Does MultEQ XT32 recognize a 6.1 setup on a 7.1 system?

I was hoping to install a 7.1 system in my basement, but due to room logistics, I'm having to settle with 6.1. Since a 6.1 system uses 3 rears instead of 2 sides and 2 rears, will this affect the calibration on a 7.1 receiver using XT32? 

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    Rob Brooks

    Audyssey measure what it sees connected to the terminals

    As long as your AVR is capable of runnign in a 6.1 config.


    my Denon requires you to connect a single surround-rear to the Surr-Rear-Left channel for a 6.1 setup

    if you connect it to the right, it thinks you're trying to run in a 7.1 config but have not connected the left back channel

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