MultEQ XT (No DSX) can I still do Wides?

(I accidentally submitted this as a request meant for it to be a question)

I've been researching for a few weeks now, I'm upgrading to a 7.2 from a 5.1, problem is I'm now leaning towards wides vs heights but the receiver I've been eye balling, Denon AVR-1712 does not have the DSX technology. Will I be able to use the Front Height connection as wides @ 60 degree angle ear level, or I will not get the same effect as the DSX as well as the sounds going to those speakers were meant for the height position?

If the answer to that is no then, opting for a different receiver with say only 2EQ but having DSX using wides would I have a better home theater experience or is MultiEQ XT far superior than 2EQ and would just produce a better immersion.

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Michael,

    There is no way to get Wides or Heights from Audyssey without having DSX.

    Your second question is tough.  2EQ is the most basic room correction from Audyssey.  MultEQ XT has far better performance in correcting the room problems.  I would rank proper room correction higher than adding more channels.  Ideally, you would combine both. But, fixing the room problems is more important.

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