Distribution of control points in MultEQ XT32

From an earlier posting, I understand that MultEQ XT32 has more than ten thousand control points. What is the frequency range over which they are distributed? For example, do they go down as low as 5 Hz and as high as 20 kHz?

I would also be interested to know whether or not they are uniformly distributed over their frequency range of operation? Is the distribution of the control points done using a linear frequency scale, or a logarithmic frequency scale?

The reason that I ask is that I'm concerned that there may not be very many control points used at low frequencies, with a greater density of points occurring at higher frequencies on a linear frequency scale.

I'd be grateful for any clarification that you can provide.

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    Audyssey Labs

    The frequency range is from the lowest roll off point of the speaker or sub (down to 10 Hz) and up to 20 kHz.  The points are not uniformly distributed and we use a proprietary method.  More points are allocated at the low frequencies where the biggest problems occur.

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