Bass Management question

Very interesting articles I ready today, I never would have considered or
known the limitation of the human ear, pretty amazing. My question is; after
reading small vs large and preference vs reference, my understanding was
that a: calibrate the system properly and add your personal flavor once that
was completed? B: the avr decides speaker sizes, I just installed a new polk
audio center channel and ran calibration, this is what the results were;

. Bose - fronts = 80hz

. Polk audio center = large

. Jbl sat 20 (sides) = 80hz

. Jbl sa 20 (rear) = 120hz

. Sub jbl sat 20 - 2 8" speakers

I honestly do not like the sound that is being produced now, except the
surround is great, BUT there is weird flat bass and center sounds flat. My
thought was to make my fronts 60, center 80, sides 80 and rears to 100? But
I wanted your opinion. I have a Harman Kardon AVR 354

Thanks in advance for your advise

Darrel Dixon
Operations Manager / CCISC Chair
Cable Communications

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    Audyssey Labs

    My first recommendation would be to set your Center speaker to Small so that its bass content is redirected to the sub. I would recommend starting with 80 Hz for L, C, and R and leaving the surrounds at 120 Hz.

    Are you using a satellite speaker as a sub? I wasn't sure what you meant by the last line in your speaker list.


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