surround speaker placement

do speakers have to be placed the way you had shown in diagram, when setting up speakers in 7.1 configuration, since I am not able to place speakers in the diagram shown by Audyssey, since my room is not a perfect square, I have my sofa against the wall and the front and center speaker are facing the opposite wall,
my back right speaker and surround is placed next to my right arm rest of the sofa and the left surround and back speaker are placed 11 feet from where I sit. In other words I am sitting next to the right back surround and back speaker and the surround and back speaker for the left is approx, 11 feet, so I hear the right back speakers since I am so close to them. Can you suggest what I must do, I have a Nad T785hd amp, and all monitor audio silver Rs series set up. RS8 in the front and the center and sub, placed like in your diagram and the backs are rs5 series and surround are the silver rx series.

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    Audyssey Labs

    The diagram shows the speakers in a circle to imply that they all need to be at the same distance from the listening position and also at the angles shown. A square room is not required for this. In fact, square rooms are the worst possible case for acoustics... In a normal rectangular room, one would place the speakers as close to the indicated angles as possible. The differences in distance are corrected when you run MultEQ because it applies the proper delay to the closer speakers to time align them with the ones that are farther away. It also adjusts the levels of the speakers closer to you so that they play at the same level as the ones farther away.

    One way to reduce the localization of surround speakers that are very close is to point them away from you. In some cases pointing them to the ceiling gives a much better ambient and diffuse sound and reduces the undesired localization.

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