Very low / muffled voice after Audyssey setup

Hi Chris,

I run an Onkyo 707 with Elac CL-142 (fronts), Elac Dipole 60/4 (surround), Elac CC241 (center) and a Velodyne SPL-1000 (sub).  I upgraded to 707 from a 674 and ever since I upgraded, the quality of "voice" is terrible.  If I reset the system and don't run Audyssey, the voice is much better, but the overall experience is terrible.  So I'm forced to use Audyssey calibration.  I have tried various setups and nothing seems to work.  So far the best I got was setting the amp to "normal" (the other being bi-amp).  The impedance set to 4 ohms (all my speakers are 4 ohms rated).

With my old 674 (it had 2 EQ) the voice quality was awesome.  I can't believe that 707 can be that underpowered compared to a old 674.

I have followed all the setup guidelines from this site and others as well.  But only with the guidelines from here gave me that setup I was ok with. 

Additionally when I setup the crossover to 80hz (THX mode) like you had mentioned in your Bass Management blog, there is an omnipresent boom in the background constantly.  I have turned down the sub volume to a bit less than 1/3.  But I still sense a bit of vibration/murmur.


What could I do better to calibrate the system?  Thanks for this beautiful technology.  I still remember my old days with my Onkyo 777 setting up levels manually.

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    Anti Risk

    I just found this text excerpt from another site

    "When the ELAC CC241 is used in a surround sound system the digital AV amplifier's loudspeaker option should be set to "LARGE". However, should additional bass be required through an active subwoofer the amplifier's option be set to "SMALL" and the crossover frequency set to a maximum of 50 Hz. If the crossover frequency cannot be set this way, the CC241 should not be set to "SMALL"."


    So should I set it to 50hz instead of 80 for the center?

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