What does Audyssey do if a speaker is "off"?

I have a room setup which won't permit a center channel and am looking to buy and Audyssey-enabled surround receiver. What is the Audyssey system's response to setting a center channel to "off"? Does it remix that channel between the two front channels to create a phantom, or just shut down the channel?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Audyssey is not responsible for any remixing of content.  That job is handled by one of the listening mode algorithms (e.g. Dolby PLII or DTS).  If you have no center channel they have a method of sending the content to the front L and R channels.  Audyssey is in charge of measuring and correcting the acoustical response of the speakers in your room.  It will create a correction solution for any speakers that are connected.

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