crossovers settings

I have a Denon 2310 and have run the auto setup a few times and am get the crossover setup more often than not as fronts 200hz centre 120hz and the surrounds 150hz. My problem is that my subs highest setting is 150hz and has no direct in so i am worrying i am getting a gap in bass at the front between 150hz and 200hz. I have read on forums that you should not adjust the crossover manually as the multieq is set for the crossover given in the auto setup is that correct?. the speakers are Canton cx80 package.

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    Audyssey Labs

    The values you are getting for crossovers are consistent with the very small drivers in the speakers. Placement near walls extend the bass response and so you possibly have some degree of control in that. It sounds like the issue will be only with the front L and R as the others are at 150 Hz and 120 Hz. So, try moving the front L and R closer to the wall to see if the bass extends a little lower. If not, then go ahead and set the crossover to 150 Hz manually. It's not ideal, but will be better than having a gap in that region.

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