passive radiators

Do passive radiators affect audyssey calibrations. I have three (3) definitive technology ProCenter 2000's for front left, center, right. two (2) Promonitor 1000's for surrounds and one(1) prosub 1000. The proCenters have two (2) passive radiators,one (1) on both sides, the promonitors have one (1)passive on the top facing up and the sub has one (1) down firing passive radiator. definitive says that when the active cone moves in the radiator moves out and vice versa. how does audyssey calibrate all the out of phase sound waves. I power with a denon avr 590. thank you 

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    Audyssey Labs

    Passive radiators do not affect Audyssey calibrations. Whatever their effect is on the speaker response, it is measured when you run Audyssey. If there are any negative effects on the response from phase problems then they will be seen by Audyssey and accounted for in the filters.

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