Audyssey Setup subwoofer db question

When running the Audyssey setup with my Onkyo TX-NR808 reciever the second step is to adjust the subwoofer volume to 75 db using the volume adjustment on the sub. The sub I am using is a Polk DSW Pro 550wi, and two Polk RTI A7 towers. No center or surround speakers yet.

Where should the mic be placed to take that measuerment? For now I just used the same position as my first setup seat (mic placed on the back of the couch, center seat).

Also the first time I ran Audyssey I did adjust it to 75 db but I had problems with the sub shutting off. It assigned the sub a -3.5 db setting and the reciever wasnt putting out a strong enough signal to keep the sub on at lower volume.

I ran it a second time and adjusted the volume of the sub to 65 db and it assigned a +4.0 db setting and havent had a problem with it turning on and off at lower volume levels.

Thank you for your time.


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