Onkyo TX-NR708 Audyssey levels problem

Trying to set up the Audyssey auto-calibration on my Onkyo TX-NR708, and having a problem.

It tells me to set my sub to 75 db. I have put my subs (I have 2x subs) on the LOWEST volume, and its picking up 81 db. With subs completely off, it picks up 47 db of subwoofer sound, even though the subs are both off.

If I continue and complete the whole Audyssey set-up, it configures all my speakers to 40hz crossover.

I'm guessing that the Audyssey chip/mic is damaged in the amp (it seems to be picking up LFE noise when it isn't there).

Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or do I need to give Onkyo a call?

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    Ari Oppenheimer

    I do not have a mic stand. What I did is placed a small camera tripod on the couch cushion and screwed the mic into the top of the tripod.

    My subs are both in the front, about 1/3 from the wall on the left and right. I use the Jamo sub300 subs. Volume on both subs is all the way down. Crossover setting on the subs is all the way up to 150hz.

    I changed the phase on the subs to 0, and placed the mic in the right position and got 76db on the subwoofer reading before continuing setup.

    After 6 positions Audyssey MultEq calibration, my readings are: 0db for surrounds, -4.5db for center and -4db for front right, -2.5db for front left. Subwoofer was set to -5db.

    I have subsequently put the subwoofer level up to +10db. At -5db, the bass is definitely there, but to get the THUMP that I like during movies, I find it way too low. This is why I worry it might be an issue when I need to adjust by 10db.

    So Im thinking that its 1 of the following options:

    1) Something wrong with my Audyssey in my amp.

    2) Audyssey's bass levels just set much lower than I like, and I'll have to adjust accordingly, nothing wrong with the actual amp at all.

    3) Audyssey is messing up as I don't have a proper tripod?

    Thanks for the help!

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