KEF speakers


I going to be replacing my front soundstage in the the coming months and have been doing some reading about my choices.  I have read good things about the newer KEF iQ and Q series speakers, but have also heard that Audyssey has problems with these when doing room correction becasue of their UniQ driver arrangement.  Are you aware of anyone having or not having problems with these speakers?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Ed,

    I am not aware of any problems that Audyssey has with these speakers.  It will measure them just like any other speaker and create a room correction solution based on the problems it finds in your room.

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    Albert Glanvill

    Hi Ed/Chris


    I have KEF speakers main and centre with uniQ drivers of 1995/1996 vintage and have had no problem in calibrating the system/room with Audyssey.



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