DSX Stage Width

Hi, I have been testing this setting but notice no difference in the sound? Do you guys have a preferred sett ing when using Identical speakers as wides. What does upping or misusing the sound stage do? My wides are apx 2 meters wide of my mains, which are 2 meters apart, should I up the sound stage or reduce it? Or is there an optimal setting for this option. Thanks in advance.
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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Paddy,

    This setting simply adjust the level of the Wide speakers.  It's the same as going in to the individual level trims, but this control allows you to move the level up and down for both speakers simultaneously.  The recommended setting by Audyssey is 0 dB.

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    Thanks the reply, ive just posted another DSX wide question in regard to the weird sound I'm getting fro. DSX wide? Ive set the soundstage to 0 as I tried the other settings and didn't like them.

    --- I've noticed with DSX enabled it's giving me a strange effect, similar to when you have 2 cd players running side by side using the same song and 1 is a millisecond out of sync with the other. Movies sound ok, but music inside of movies sounds terrible, noticeably out of sync, hollow, tinny and as if it's out of phase (loss of bass etc) a great example is to listen to the intro of "500 days of summer" or "top gun" intro and switch between DTS and DSX and the difference is unbelievable? --- Perhaps it my settings but it sounds totally out of sync and weird when DSX is enabled. --- I previously used pioneer wide surround and it never sounded like that and I'm wondering if it's something I've done? --- I got no phase warnings whn I set up the AVR and the connections etc are all correct. Any ideas --- P.S can you get your web site guys to have a look at why iPads can't add spaces between text? My posts are like big Walls of text, but I have pressed "return" and formatted it correctly ... As soon as I press "save comment" it turns into a great wall of text :-/

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