subsonic filter question


Im new here and I have a question about subsonic filters and audyssey. I have an onkyo tx-nr708 with 20hz fmods on the RCA output(FMODS only temp until I can get a EQ.2) into a QSC gx7 then to 2 dayton titanic 12 MKIII's tuned to 20HZ. My question is that do I need to remove the fmods when I run MULTEQ? I ran multeq with the Fmods on and it sounds fine, just wanted to know if that has an effect on the multeq subwoofer curve.


Thank you


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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Mike,

    You did it right.  You should run MultEQ with everything in the path as it will be while listening.

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    Michael Lee

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your reply.



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