Onkyo 609 settings

I coupbled Onlyo TX-NR609 with Klipsch Quintet speakers (120hz, 50watts/200watts peak) and Sub-350.

Before audyssey calibration i just turned level calibration to max (+12db) for all speakers and sub to zero. When watching movie at 56 listening volume i could hear awesome powerful sound but unsatisfactory surround effects so i decided to run audessy after final placement of speakers. 

After running audyssey, level calibration settings for all speakers are down to negative values and powerful punch is lowered with improved surround effect at 60 master volume. What should i do to increase power? should i turn master volume even further or increase levels for each speaker with same number?  

What should i care to protect my speakers from being burned due to power? i just kept it to 55 range assuming it will be sending 50watts out of 100watts to klipsch.


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    Audyssey Labs

    All settings before calibration are ignored when you run the calibration.  The point of calibrating is to (1) set the levels so that each speaker plays at the same level as each other and (2) they play at film reference when the master volume is at 0.  If you want to play louder than film reference just turn the master volume up to where you want it.  The volume setting is not directly related to the power sent to the speakers.  The amplifier power being used also depends on the speaker impedance and the content itself.

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