How to reduce bass response in Audyssey?



I’m using a Marantz AVR with Audyssey. With Audyssey and Multi-EQ turned on, even 2 channel music sounds better with a larger soundstage and clearer separation of voices/instruments. However, I find that the bass is too boomy and overall too strong. I do not have a subwoofer in my room, and am using bookshelf speakers set to LARGE size in the setup.


How do I reduce the bass response? Do I have to go to Manual EQ in my AVR menus?

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Alfred,

    Is the bass too strong for music?  Do you have Dynamic EQ on, as well?  You should.  But, it's calibrated for movie content because that is a known standard.  For music, there are no mixing level standards and so we added something called Reference Level Offset.  You should set it to 10 dB for music content so that Dynamic EQ performs less bass compensation.  More info here:

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