7 channel no sub Q

Will Audyssey send all bass frequencies for speakers set as "small" in my 7 channel system to my two main "large" speakers if I have no sub? 

Adding a sub at the moment is not possible and I want to make sure that the center channel and surrounds (including wides) have the bass produced through my large mains. (They have excellent low freq extension).

Also, is it possible to tweak the bass levels after Multeq XT calibration for the two large mains?

thanks v much!

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Murray,

    Audyssey has nothing to do with sending bass frequencies to the sub.  That is the job of the AVR's bass management system that is totally independent of Audyssey.  Most AVRs send the bass of Small speakers to the front L and R by default when no subwoofer is connected.

    There is no bass level control available if there is no sub...

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