MultEQ-ing your Subs

Hi there guys at Audyssey,
Thanks for a great solution to room correction.
I have the Denon AVR2311 receiver with B&W CDM1SE main speakers, and Infinity SW12 subwoofer. My difficult room has a resonance peak at 46 Hz, and the sub has a 1 band parametric EQ to iron out thus 1 freq peak. For best results, do I switch off the sub's EQ, run Audyssey on the receiver, and then if I still find peak, iron it out with sub's eq? In other words, does Audyssey eq much on the sub frequencies - I read in AVR2311 manual that lowest Equalizer band is 63 Hz.


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    Rob Brooks

    there's tips on sub setup here

    BUT, Audyssey has much higher resolution for the sub frequencies than it uses for the rest of the speakers.

    And it will do a much better job of flattening out the response in your room than any manual filter could.

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Carl, it's probably best not to bother with parametric EQ.  Measuring a peak with a mic in one spot and then adding a PEQ cut at that frequency is not a very reliable way to fix room acoustical problems.  

    Audyssey filters will EQ down to 10 Hz if they find the sub to extend that low.  You can pretty much ignore the crude EQ display on the Denon GUI that only shows a few of the several hundred filter points used to define the filter.

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