Speaker Placement

I have a 7.1 setup consisting of:

Onkyo 709

Polk RTi8 front towers

Polk CSi5 center

Polk FXi3 surrounds

Polk RTi6 (front wide/front height...??)


My room is fairly small, about 12.5' x 11.5' 

In order for me to use the RTi6 as Front Wide speakers, they must be mounted on the side walls facing forward, rather than on the front wall next to my RTi8 towers (because the front wall is not wide enough for both sets of speakers). This therefore also places the RTi6 speakers slightly in front of the RTi8 towers, about 2-3 feet closer to listening position.

My question is: Should I place my RTi6 speakers as Front Wides in this configuration, or would I be better off using them as Front Heights? I know you recommend Front Wides over Front Height speakers, but I am not sure which choice my room layout + speaker placement options better fits...

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    Audyssey Labs

    Wide speakers are almost always along the side wall.  Not many rooms have a front wall that is wide enough.  So, this is a very typical situation.  It's no problem that the Wide speakers will be closer.  The MultEQ calibration will see that and adjust the delay to make them equidistant.

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