Audyssey stuck at "Now Measuring Left"

I have been trying to setup Audyssey on my Onkyo 709, and wether I try to do a full calibration or a fast calibration after sending the first chirps from the left speaker it gets stuck at "Now Measuring left".

I have the latest firmware, all speakers are working and the audyssey Mic I supposed it is working cause it detects the db from the Sub.

What can I do?  the speaker are Klipsch Quintet II and a Klipsch Sub10.

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Oscar,

    Something seems to be wrong with the internal hardware/processing board.  Please do a full factory re-set (as described in the manual).  If that doesn't fix it then you will have to take the unit to Onkyo Service.

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    Oscar Zamalloa

    thanks...!!! After resetting the unit everything worked as expected...

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