Can only use 1 height speaker due to pitched roof



I have a 13 foot wide room, where I have a 120" screen on the front wall.  On either side I have my front L/R.  The ceiling begins to pitch from the center of the room to the left, where it is roughly 50" at the wall.  Because of this, it's impossible for me to use a pair of height speakers - there simply is no room above the front Left for a height channel.  


Is it possible to use 1 height channel speaker, and position it in the center of the screen, near my 9ft ceiling?  I'd like to get the added ambiance of the front height in my room, but don't have the ability for a pair.  Any thoughts?



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    eric stieg

    BTW, I could use 2 speakers that would be roughly 4 ft apart, above my screen and front speakers, but would be "inside" the Left and Right speakers.  If that is possible, great!

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Eric,

    You can't really use a single speaker for Height.  DSX was designed for a pair of Heights and the AVR won't support a single speaker.  It's not ideal to have the Heights at a narrower spacing than the fronts, but probably OK as a compromise.

    Have you considered Wides?  They go along the side walls and have a much bigger impact than Heights.

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