how to save Speaker Distance parameters?

Hello from Ukraine!

I have a Denon AVR-2113 and 5.0 speaker system, and want to know how to save and fast change speaker distances setup.

I have PC from the right side of my room connected to the AVR with HDMI, and TV in the centre of my room also connected with HDMI. Distances to 5.0 speaker system is different when i`m sitting near PC and playing games\listening to the music, but when i want to watch the movie or play game on TV - my speakers physicaly stays in another distances from me so i must navigate to (setup\speakers\auddysey setup\manual setup\distances and change the value of each channel by clicking the remote)

Help me please, how to avoid this tiring remote clicking every time switching my sitting position between PC or TV.

Thank You!

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    Audyssey Labs


    Unfortunately the AVR makers do not provide memory for multiple setups.  We have been asking them for years, but it has not yet happened.

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