Things I'd love to see!

I love my Sound Dock, as I have already said, but there are a few things I'd like to see in the next version:

1) Bypassing the DAC in the iPod/iPhone/iPad, and Audyssey having the music accessed directly from the flash memory, bypassing the cheap DAC in the Apple device, and using a good quality DAC inside the Audyssey Sound Dock to convert the signal to analog.

2) A bigger Sound Dock, with bigger drivers (both mid and tweeters), and a sub driver. A Sound Dock, maybe more horizontal in shape to give a better sound stage. I would pay more money in a second for one! An Audyssey Sound Dock that blows the B&W Zeppelin Air, and the new B&O Beosound Sound Dock in the weeds!! I KNOW Audyssey can do this! And it would sell!!! 

That's all, I want a bigger, better Sound Dock to replace my B&W Zeppelin Air. I KNOW you can do this, and I am ready to buy it! B&O proved people will spend $1000.00 for their cheaply made Dock. It has paper speaker cones, no sub driver, and cheap plastic, and yet it's sold out on Amazon! Go figure! People will pay for quality, and Audyssey can deliver!! And it's not even wireless!! But it is sold out. I don't get it, but I know if Audyssey built one, it would sell. I have no doubt!

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    Audyssey Labs


    1. This can be done, but then we need to worry about all the licensing issues that come with the various digital formats.  Apple has already taken care of that and so we use a very high quality ADC to maintain sound performance.

    2. There are more products form Audyssey on the way.  Bigger is not necessarily what most people want.  We are investigating.  

    Thanks for your comments.

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    Would love to see an android app......

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    Let me jump in: I think the size of the SoMa is perfect, i like when things are small but still sound huge, which is the case with the SoMa. Of course design could be changed slightly. I think i prefer the more neutral design of the new Aiudio Dock Air.

    What i am missing though is stereo separation from a single speaker. I would love a new dock which either uses some special acoustic tricks to achieve a better stereo-separation, or even better two separate spealers for left/right channel that communicate wirelessly with each other, similar like the Zikmu from Parrot or the Sonos System, where you can just add a new speaker and set it up as left/right or as an own stereo-speaker. With the Sonos System you can add as many speakers as you like and let them play independently.

    Audyssey could take this even further so that several speakers could be accumulated to form a real wireless 5.1 system with a separate subwoofer if needed. The only additional part needed would be an optional control-center that actually decodes 5.1 signals from AC3, DTS or DTS-HD if one wants to really use this as an integral 5.1 system.

    I think it could be nice if the additional subwoofer could already act as a kind of 5.1 receiver, which only needed a HDMI or other digital input as the only wired connection. All other speakers would act wirelessly and you would have as few additional devices as needed. Just the speakers and the sub, which also worked as 5.1 decoder.

    Sonos has quite a good wireless system already, i will receive their Play:3 next week and I am going to compare the audio-quality of the Play:3 to the SoMa, but i am quite sure even now which will win sonically.

    What Sonos is missing completely though is support for 5.1 audio.

    I think if Audyssey jumped on the wireless train, it could become a leader quite quickly.

    You have already proved that you can build perfect compact speakers. I have not heard the new Dock Air yet, but if it sounds close to the SoMa it will also be a big hit.

    I am sure the future is wireless, but Airplay might not be the best standard as it is too much bound to Apple's restrictions. For example I cannot stream to 2 Airplay-speakers simultaneously from an I-Device, only from Itunes.

    I know this sounds all utopic, but i think there is still not a single company that really offers such a system.

    What do you think about it? Is this too much SciFi?

    Just take the acoustic part of the SoMa, add some wireless interface and offer different bundles: 2 speakers to form a "real" stereo-system,  4 speakers with the sub to form a 5.1 system. Add 2 further speakers and you have 7.1

    There could also be different sizes for the speakers. The bigger ones for stereo or main-speakers, the smaller ones for rear or side-speakers (if necessary)


    I know I am dreaming...

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