Significant (ie LOUD) static randomly starting/stopping with SOMA

I've had my SOMA for about 6 months, and this has been occurring ever since I bought it:

The SOMA will randomly give off a LOUD static noise. It will last sometimes for only a few seconds, and other times until I turn the unit off. This occurs both when there is a device docked or when there is no device docked. It occurs both when it is playing music or when there is no audio being played.

I can usually make it stop by moving the power cord to the unit to a different position or by adjusting the connector where it connects to the SOMA. But it always comes back. Sometimes, I can make it go away indefintely by supporting the power cord connector on something right where it connects to the SOMA.

The static is loud enough that it ruins the audio of the device and seriously limits how often I use the SOMA. It seems like the power cord may not be shielded enough or that the power cord connector on the SOMA may be faulty.

Any suggestions/help on how to make this go away?

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