How to pair Audio Dock with MacBook Pro

On my MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.8, I could pair to my SOMA Audio Dock, but only as a "Hands Free"; consequently, I was not able to set it up as a stereo audio device and play music through it from my Mac.  After working with Reed in tech support, I figured it out.  


1) Go to Apple Menu : System Prefs

2) If you haven't already paired it (i.e., you don't see "Audyssey Audio Dock" on the list of bluetooth devices on the left), switch the Audio Dock on and hold down the top button on the back until the light on the top of the unit is flashing.  Then hit the '+' at the bottom of the list of Bluetooth devices (look carefully, it's hard to find on this screen) to get to the Bluetooth Setup Assistant.  It will show up as "Hands Free Device" -- go ahead and pair it using this wizard.

3) You should see "Audyssey Audio Dock" showing up as Not Connected.  Select it in the list.

4) Hit the little 'gear' icon at the bottom of this list (look carefully, hard to find)

5) Enable "Show More Info"

6) Hit the gear again, and this time to "Update Device Services"


At this point, the services (showing on the right) should update to include some stuff, including "Headphones", which is what you want.  This is the missing link.  You are done -- now you can click the 'gear' and say "Use as Audio Device (Stereo)" and any sound produced by your Mac will  come out of your Audio Dock.


Tip:  Check the "Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar".  Then it's much easier to click the Bluetooth icon in your menu bar, navigate down to your Audyssey Audio Dock, and select "Use as Audio Device (Stereo)" to enable it, or "Don't use as Audio Device" to disable it.


Hope this helps.


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    Audyssey Labs

    Thanks for posting this Jeff.

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    Austin Stroot

    This is outstanding, I'm excited to get home and try this! The Audyssey SoMA is truly a work of art and offers so much expandability!!! Hopefully Audyssey will develop a more mobile, wireless speaker that I can take with me on my business trips! Because I'm not a fan of "No highs, no lows, must be B..e" :)

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