Can I purchase docks in Australia? Are they available in 240v?

Any way to purchase a few 240volt versions in Australia? Who distributes these? Have called your web listed Australian contact but they said they are not carrying them?

thanks in advance


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    Cara & Co can put you in touch with a dealer.  They can be reached at 041407480767.

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    Hi Mike and Audessey,

    As a fellow long suffering Audessey fan in Australia I ended up going through the UK. I purchased the LES speakers through amazon uk as they have the same voltage (all you need is a power adaptor, no converter which is great), I think warranty may be void though (wink wink Audessey if the unthinkable happens). I have been using them for the past couple of days and oh my god,they are truly a work of art. Thanks Audessey and don't forget Australia in the future. By the way, ordered and amazon had them to me within a week.

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