Question About Audio Dock

From Facebook:

"I like the SoMa dock system, but where is the soundstage... And how do you measure the 200 claimed watts, continuous or peak, class A/B or class D??? Pleae address these questions." - Hang Lee

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    Audyssey Labs

    Also answered on Facebook:

    We don't list the Watts. That's a meaningless number in a powered speaker. It only makes sense in a stand-alone amplifier. In a powered speaker, the correct spec is sound pressure level. The SoMa can reach 105 dB at 1 m with no distortion on program material. The amps are class D and the system has separate power amps for each tweeter and woofer along with an active crossover. The dock is designed to sit on the side of your computer as we find that most people don't sit in front of it. Even with widely spaced speakers, sitting on the side doesn't give you a wide soundstage. So, we felt that a rich deep sound next to your computer was more important.

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