Standby mode - Automatic?

I can't find out this information, is standby mode (0.6w as previously stated in another thread) only achieved by pressing the pause/play button for 6-8 seconds? Or does the dock automatically shut off/standby mode on it's own for a set amount of time? Much appreciated, the dock just sounds stunning well done Audyssey!

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    Hi John,

    The Audio Dock can only be put into standby mode manually when your iPod/iPhone is docked.  It is not doesn't happen automatically.  To put the Audio Dock into standby mode you just touch the play/pause sensor for two seconds.  To put the Audio Dock into low-power standby mode, touch and hold the play/pause sensor for six seconds.  You will know it is on standby when the indicator turns red.  To wake it up, you just need to simply touch the play/pause sensor again.

    Please note:  While the Audio Dock is in standby mode, it won't charge your docked iPod/iPhone. As soon as you wake it up, it will. 

    Thank you, Cindy T.

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    Thank you so much for the follow up! I guess I can't be that lazy and leave the unit on.

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