My Audiodock stopped working after 6 months

From one day to the other the SOMA remains silent. Regardless if docking an Ipod, or trying to stream through bluetooth or even through aux-in you cannot hear anything.

I can pair my devices with the SOMA, i can control docked devices with the remote etc, it is just that it remains muted. I already tried resetting it, turning it on and off several times, but it doesn't play a tone anymore.

This is already my second SOMA that i got in February, as the first one turned on/off on its own. I originally bought the first one in December 2011. What can i do now?

I bought mine through german Amazon-store, shall i ask them for a replacement, or can Audyssey help me directly?

Thanks and best regards, O.

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    Ok, Amazon is going to refund my money, so i just sent the Audiodock back to them. What a pity as i really liked the Audiodock especially the sound, but Amazon doesn't have any in stock, so they can't send me another one.

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    I'm sorry about thr trouble.  For a new unit you can contact our distributor in Germany, 3P, and they may be able to direct you to another local retailer.


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