Aux source audio quality

I'm interested in the audio quality of the line in of the SOMA. Some docks bypass the DAC and electronics of the dock when and analog line in is used as a source. Is this the case for the SOMA? Or is all the Audyssey DAC used with the analog line in?

Also, when docked on the SOMA, is the analog line out of the iPhone used, or does the SOMA use the digital output of the iPhone?

Not knocking the SOMA at all. I'm very impressed with it. Just trying to find out the signal path. Analog source --> Audyssey DAC --> SOMA amp and drivers

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Scott,

    In order to any processing you have to convert the signal to digital.  There is a very high quality ADC that we have selected to achieve this.  It is also used when the phone is docked because if we use the digital out we need to perform all the audio decoding in the dock and that would significantly drive up the cost of the DSP chip.

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    Well, that's great news that I'm getting the identical quality from the Dock as well as the Aux input. It really future proofs the product.

    This also answers another question I posted about adding Apple Airplay to the SOMA dock. Looks like that can't happen without extensive additional hardware and software upgrades. Pity.

    Regardless, I use the SOMA with the iPhone docked most of the time anyways, and your included remote covers all of my wireless/remote needs. It even works with the MOG app. Bravo!

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