Power Saving Option

I regularly use my SOMA in the bedroom to play music to fall asleep to. I set my iPhone's timer, start the music, and 1 hr. later the music turns off.

Now I know that the SOMA running hot during playback in normal (heat sink must be at the top, right corner), but in idle mode, not playing music, it's still at the same hot temperature. Therefore, it must be consuming quite a bit of power even at idle (not in sleep mode).

I wanted to see if you could update the SOMA iPhone software to include a user programmable time that, when it senses no incoming audio signal, it goes into it's deep sleep, power saving mode (top play/pause button is red).

A user programmable time from 5 min. - 4 hrs. would be perfect. Even if someone wanted to charge their iphone from a totally dead battery, one could set the timer for 1.5 hrs. and then the SOMA would go into "deep sleep". You could even program it to go into the lower power mode (white play/pause button) mode.

Seems like a simple software upgrade that many customers would be thankful for.

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