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I see that I cannot control the volume through my AppleTV for certain applications, e.g. Netflix.  However I can control volume via my iPod or my Rdio apps.  Thus in the absence of a LES remote I have to manually turn the knob when watching Netflix.  Any idea the thinking behind this?  Any plans to add a remote for the speakers?

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    Audyssey Labs


    We don't have plans for a remote for the LES speakers.  The ideal solution would come in software--i.e. within all the content apps on AppleTV.  We expect this to come soon because the AirPlay standard allows volume control of a remote device.

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    Keith Gardner

    But Apple has moved in the opposite direction with the AppleTV, no? I hear that the original version of AppleTV did have volume controls and (I guess) analog audio outs. But with only the digital audio, they don't have volume controls and don't intend to. It's providing line-level signal only. Their remote doesn't / can't control the audio levels of the device the ATV TOSLINK is connected to. It would be necessary to use a 3rd party universal remote, but that would require that the devices be remote-ready. Thus the interest in finding TOSLINK-capable speakers that either have a remote or are remoteable. And (drum roll please)... there aren't any. 

    So we have this dilemma. There are some of us who are trying to establish a really nice little compact and inexpensive viewing system: Apple TV, HDMI display/monitor, powered speakers. It just appears to be impossible. I think the only change needs to be using an actual TV instead of a display/monitor, because then it would have audio outputs that could be connected to external powered speakers or system, whether yours or someone else's. 

    I don't see where AirPlay even comes into the picture at all, unless you're suggesting that Apple plans to use AirPlay to connect the ATV to external speakers. An Apple rep tells me that that's the opposite of what they're doing; that ATV is a receiver for AirPlay, but not a sender. Do you have some different information?

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    Keith, I share your frustration, but I don't think I'm seeing what you're seeing.  Even with iOS6 and their changes to AirPlay, Apple has not taken away the ability to control volume through certain apps.  Consequently I have two volume controls for Rdio or the iPod app: the volume buttons on my phone, and the volume knob on the Audyssey speakers.

    With the remote app, however, I still am only able to control volume via the speaker knob.  Is there a technical reason why some apps allow volume control via the app, and some don't?

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