Is it possible to take off the stand?

I am looking for some small speakers that i can put inside a shelf. Unfortunately i only have 20cm space in height, which is a bit more than the height of a DVD-cover. Now i have a pair of bose's computer music monitors standing there which are really small, but i would like something a bit more powerful.

According to the specs the LES are 23,5cm high, but this will probably be including the stand. Is there some way to remove the stand? How are the exact dimensions of the naked speakers? I think that without the stand they would fit inside my shelf well.

I guess the stand is just a bended wire which could be removed with some force. I know that i will void my warranty, but if the possibilty exists to fit the LES inside my shelf like this I would definitely risk it and buy a pair.

Thanks for any response.

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    No, the stand is molded onto the speakers so it will cause cosmetic damage and void the warranty if removed.

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