Ideal volume levels

Hello, I've just begun using new Lower East Side Media speakers with my Mac. Since there are at least three different volume controls, I was hoping someone might have some advice as to the optimal settings between the following:

1. the computer's master volume

2. software volume settings (such as iTunes, or even a YouTube clip)

3. the physical volume knob on the speakers themselves

For instance, if listening to music through iTunes, is it better to max out the volume on the computer and the iTunes volume setting, and then control on the fly via the speaker knob? Or does that cause any distortion?

Thanks for any advice!



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    Adam Claridge

    Whilst no expert, I would recommend maxing out the computer's master volume and controlling solely via the LEL's volume knob.  I don't think there are many sonic reasons for doing it this way as opposed to the others you mention, but you should avoid the potential for involuntary deafness if you (or someone else) maxes out the volume knob whilst controlling via software/computer volume control and then the volume is increased inadvertently.  

    It is much easier to control the volume via the knob if the speakers are next to your Mac in any case (that's where mine are), although harder if they are not close to hand (when the software volume control would probably be better).

    Hope that is of some help, Ads

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