Power Usage in Standby

Dear Audyssey,

I really like my Media Speakers. Having just moved into an apartment of my own, I started measuring power consumption of my electronic devices.

I was shocked to find out, that my Audyssey Media Speakers consume 18Watts in standby mode, compared to 21Watts when in use. What good is a standby mode, if it saves you only 14 percent of power?

Further investigation revealed that not the speakers themselves, but their power supply consume those 18Watts of energy! Even when pulling the power cable out of my speakers and only connecting the power supply to my power outlet, the power supply still drains 18Watts!

This is ridiculous. The only way of preventing my speakers from costing me roughly USD 56 (I live in Germany) a year even, if I don't use them AT ALL, is unplugging them from power!?

Apparently you just went with some crappy cheap power supply from China for those really nice USD 200 speakers. Can you recommend any alternative power supply for me to use that reduces the standby consumption to something reasonable like 0.5Watts?

Thanks and please excuse my snappish language,


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    Felix - The Media Speakers should consume less than 0.5W when in standby mode.  There is a chance there is a problem with your current power supply, or the unit itself.  We would like to try swapping it out for you. Please contact me by email at  techsupport.us@audyssey.com and I can help you out.

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