New speakers making a lot of clicking, popping, & loud static

Just got my media speakers for christmas and after setting them up today on my computer and powering them up, some really loud static came out of them. It seems to be random and intermitting, along with clicks and pops. If I tap the side of the speaker ( the main right one ), it clicks, pops, and or create the loud static noise.


Let me know the steps I need to get these repaired.



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    Jason Calleiro

    The loud static can't be controlled by the volume knob, its just blasting loud.

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    Jeff S

    Hey, me too!

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    Permanently deleted user

    I am very sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with your new Media Speakers.  Please send me the following information to and I'll help you with a warranty return:

    1) Serial number. Located at the base of the main speaker (S/N)

    2) Receipt or proof of purchase

    3) Your full name and shipping address

    Once I have this information I'll provide you with an RMA number along with our Warranty Return Instructions.

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