Pairing and connecting Wireless Speakers to a Bluetooth device

How do I pair and connect my Wireless Speakers to a Bluetooth device?

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    1) Press and release the Bluetooth pairing button on the back of the right speaker. You will hear a short two-note beep and the Bluetooth LED will begin flashing green to indicate discoverable mode. You can now pair your device to the Wireless Speakers.

    2) Enable Bluetooth on the device you are pairing and, from its Bluetooth settings, select “Audyssey Wireless Speakers.”

    3) When you hear a single beep you’ll know that the device has successfully paired. The Bluetooth LED will also turn a solid green. Some devices may ask for a password and if yours does just enter “0000”.

    Note that a few seconds may elapse before the Wireless Speakers appear as “Audyssey Wireless Speakers” in the device list.  They may come up first as “Headset” or something similar.

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