Trouble pairing Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth device

I can't pair my Wireless Speakers with my Bluetooth device.  What are some common fixes?

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    1) You should make sure your Audyssey Wireless Speakers are discoverable. Press and release the Bluetooth pairing button and confirm that the Bluetooth LED on the speaker is flashing.  You will also hear a short two-note beep to confirm that your device is discoverable and can be paired.

    2) Check the password. Some devices require them and if your device is one of them the password should be “0000.”

    3) Make sure the Bluetooth capability of your device is turned on.

    4) It’s possible that your Bluetooth device is out of range. Try moving it closer to the Wireless Speakers.

    5) Make sure your Bluetooth device supports streaming audio (also known as A2DP).   Check its owner’s manual for specific information on pairing and Bluetooth functionality.

    6) Try resetting your Audyssey Wireless Speakers’ Bluetooth settings.  To do this simply press and hold the Bluetooth pairing button for 10 seconds.

    Note:  Resetting your Wireless Speakers will delete all of its stored pairing information. You will need to re-pair all of your devices

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