No audio coming from the Wireless Speakers

There's no audio coming from the Wireless Speakers.  What should I check?

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    1) Check the red/green light for standby mode. If it’s red, press and release the standby/volume knob.

    2) Check speaker cables. Twist the ends of the speaker interconnect cables so the strands are not loose. The wires and jacks are color coded; match the colors and plug them in.

    3) Check the power supply to make sure it is connected.

    4) Check that the volume control on the Wireless Speaker is turned up to a reasonable level.

    5) Check that your source’s (iPod, etc.) output volume is turned up.

    6) Make sure your Bluetooth device has “Audyssey Wireless Speakers” selected as the output sound device. It may be paired but not connected.

    7) Your Bluetooth device may be out of range. Try moving it closer to the Wireless Speakers.

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