Headphone profile

What is a headphone profile?

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    Permanently deleted user

    In order to apply our technology, Audyssey has built a collection of acoustical adjustments specific to each headphone model. We call these our headphone profiles and they must be downloaded for each pair of headphones you use. Don’t worry, they’re free and fast.

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    Where do you get the download?

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    Mervyn Augustine

    When you say "apply your technology" what is it that is done? The app obviously adjusts the frequency response on the headphones- does it then adjust to the Audyssey targeted curve similar to those in our AV receivers? Is it then fair to say that headphone A would sound similar to headphone B apart from inherent characteristics found in different headphone types, materials etc.

    Apart from the possible Audyssey implemented curve, is there a way to achieve a tonally flat response based on the headphone profile with the app, which would then allow high-fidelity reproduction altogether?

    I'm testing this out with Apple EarPods, and I am fascinated at the "improvements". Sounds more "natural" than another App that claims to optimize the same EarPods- and quite obviously towards another type of frequency curve.

    Thumbs up on the app and the sound.

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